The free and easy way to broadcast your chess tournament live!


Clono is a tablet-based electronic scoresheet that replaces traditional paper-based scoresheets.  

The games are sent to Clono Server and can be broadcasted live on the internet.

Clono is secure and easy to use for the players.

Clono is approved by FIDE for use in official chess tournaments.

Clono is free to use.


Broadcast games online

By default, the games will be published live on Clono Chess Cast and can be viewed by family, friends and other. The games can be watched either on individual pages or side by side in a multigame viewer.

It is possible to set a custom delay on the live feed. Clono can also deliver the live feed to 3rd party websites such as Chess 24, Chessbomb, Lichess, etc. 

How Clono works

Clono combines electronic chess notation with live broadcast of chess tournaments in an easy, affordable and secure way. It is easy to use and set up, and there is no need for electronic chess boards, cabling or an on-site engineer.


Create the tournament

In Clono Admin Panel, start with creating your tournament with tournament info, time control, groups and players. Or, simply import your tournament xml-file directly from the pairing system TournamentService.

The tablets are connected to the tournament and assigned to logical tables. When a round is paired, the player and game info is pushed to the tablets assigned to the tables, and displayed as an electronic table card.


Run the tournament

The tablets run Clono Scoresheet. The scoresheet is very easy to use for the players. In Clono Scoresheet the input is done on a graphicaI chess board.

Clono Scoresheet sends the game data to the server during play. When the game is finished, the players record the result. The tablet then changes to a result card and is ready to receive the pairing for next round.


Clono Chess Cast is a multigame viewer suitable for use in the playing hall or in the cafeteria / spectators area. 

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Clono is developed by Ole Kristian Valvåg, Tromsø, Norway
The system is currently 100% free to use, and there are no ads on the website or in the app. If you want to support the further development of Clono you can make a donation.